Soul Plan


What is soul plan?

Soul plan is a reading based on the numerical value of your birth name and delivered by a trained soul plan practitioner for the purpose of identifying your life challenges, talents and goals in a worldly and spiritual aspect. The aim of the reading is to bring you into a greater sense of awareness about your life, the conditions into which you were born, the experiences you have had and the direction in which you are heading.  The soul plan could be seen as a blueprint for your life, a code which once unlocked and brought into your conscious awareness can initiate a deeper sense of alignment, meaning and purpose for you.


Soul plan has its roots in ancient Hebrew Gematria, associated with Hebrew numerology. Within this system each letter has its associated numerical value and corresponding creative vibration. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. It is these letters with their ascribed sounds and energies which are used to work out your soul plan based on your birth name.

Why my birth name?

It is believed that your birth name was given with intention. This may have been conscious or unconscious however the birth name carries the vibration which initiated the individualisation process along with your biological social, cultural and astrological conditioning. Modern science tells us that words and sound can be measured in terms of frequency and elicit different responses. We also know that in order to create something we need to have an idea/intention and name it in order to bring it into existent. If we look at creation theories we see that everything that has been brought into our physical reality came from nothing (or unified oneness) into apparent separate 3 dimensional reality through sound. Examples include Christianity – In the beginning was the Word. Hinduism – Universal Mantra , the primordial Aum (om). Japanese culture reference the Kotadoma and Jumons and their creative force. It is both an ancient and modern idea that sounds and words have creative power to manifest physical reality. Your birth name is included within this creative process.

What will happen during the reading?

Your soul plan reader will take you through a meditation process to connect to your soul plan and promote a state of relaxation and receptivity. You will be given your soul plan which will be drawn in the form of two opposing overlayed triangles. The inverted triangle represents the worldly aspect of your soul plan, looking at your challenges, talents and goals. Many of us move into the spiritual aspect when we are in our later years (late 30’s-40’s) adopting a more reflective conscious approach. This is not always so as there are also those who pursue a spiritual calling from a young age. The upward triangle represents this aspect of your life. The session will take on average 1-1 ½ hours. You will then be guided through a clearing meditation to complete the session.


Throughout life I have always felt I didn’t belong. I was awkward and alone, this used to make me feel extremely depressed. In later life I’ve experienced self doubt, low self worth and fear about living. Having my soul plan with Leanne has helped me accept who I am , and love who I am , understanding how my past has shaped me into a loving person who loves others, especially the vulnerable . No one had ever told me the things that leanne read in my soul plan , it’s really helped me heal from the past, celebrate me , and embrace the future living my life’s purpose to care for others.
The soul plan helped me understand my communication barriers in therapeutic relationships with clients. Leanne was able to help me recognise when I shut down in client sessions that I find difficult. During the soul plan leanne helped me to practice being present and compassionate and trust my intuition of what’s happening in the moment so that I can move beyond any blocks.
The soul plan has helped me to identify my challenges, goals and strengths and I feel empowered that I understand myself on a deeper level”
( Carol mental health Worker)