Soul Transformation Therapy

The vision of his essence does not take place except when what has never been disappears and what has never ceased to be remains
Ibn ‘Arabi 12th ~13th century

Soul Transformation Therapy (STT)  is a new therapy system gaining popularity amongst holistic practitioners and mainstream medical practitioners worldwide . It was introduced firstly in Japan in 2014 by its creator ,Hay House Soul Plan author Blue Marsden. It is now being used more in the Uk and around the world through online training networks .

When the soul is constricted into the physical body it is expressed through many subselves with a central awareness to varying degrees . We are influenced by archytypes and many of us have polarity selves (e.g slave master) taking up much space in our inner world and then manifesting out into circumstances in the physical world. STT will involve bringing unconscious subselves to conscious awareness. (Blue Marsden)

STT works alongside Soul Plan (See Soul Plan page) .Whilst Soul Plan is a reading which gives you an overview of your life purpose and potential by revealing your challenges , talents and goals in a worldly and spiritual aspect, STT is healing method which uses a Soul Archetype deck of Polarity’ cards to determine your deeper current ‘core issue’ . This would be the root cause of whatever challenges you are currently experiencing . Once the ‘core issue’ and your story has been bought into conscious awareness a healing session is carried out to enable you to move on from the limiting patterns and beliefs you have adopted .

The healing Modalities used within STT include:

  • Soul Plan Trauma release (a unique and gentle yet powerful energy psychology technique for releasing stuck emotion)
  • Soul Transformation Therapy ‘tree of life Soul Retrieval’ method (very effective for people where we feel ‘less of ourselves’ or a part of us is missing which can block progress as we get older.  
  • Soul Plan Archetype work which is similar to parts work/voice (helps to integrate conflicting subselves)
  • Boundary Tapping and infinity rewiring (very good for control issues)
  • Odic Bonding
  • Cord Breaking

What to expect

A soul Transformation therapy session will generally last up 1-11/2 hrs . The first part of the session will be your opportunity to tell your story and what issues are currently coming up in your life. The cards are then used to determine your current core issues and the best healing interventions . The second part of the session is where the specific interventions are carried out. The session finishes with a grounding exercise , summery and future spread reading to enable you to integrate and move on in your life in a more expansive and conscious way.