USUI Reiki Training Level 1&2 (Shoden/Okuden)

Reiki as a system of healing originated in Japan and was founded by Mikao Usui at the end of the 18th century. This system of healing is essentially known as a subtle energy healing modality with a focus on palm healing, which is gaining popularity in the West as a form of complementary therapy. It has been suggested that it is the fastest growing complementary therapy by 30% over the last twenty years and is now widely used around the world by independent holistic practitioners and those working in mainstream healthcare. Mikao Usui, known as Usui Sensei, developed a simplified teaching comprised of elements taken from a lifetime of experience and research into ancient healing and spiritual practices. His intention was to develop an accessible path for anyone interested in healing.

He called this System Shin-shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryou-ho (Usui treatment method to improve body and mind).

“Healer, Heal Thyself”

To enable healing (root meaningwholeness) in others we must look first to heal ourselves. Reiki teaches us how to sense energy. The energy we are born with. The energy we are!

We learn to ground and heal the self, connect to the physical and energy bodies, learning to trust our hands, intuition and listen to our bodies. From there we extend ourselves to others.

I’m a Reiki teacher with a background in nursing and body work, namely massage, reflexology and later Reiki . My biggest passion is touch. The use of touch to heal, and by heal, I mean to facilitate wholeness. The use of touch with positive regard to bring the receiver into an integrated state, to feel a sense of wholeness, peace, presence and comfort in their own skin. A space conducive to recovery on many levels. The use of palm healing (first ancient medicine) is a means of connecting deeply and intimately with another human being. My hands are my most basic and trusted tools and I’ve been using them for the last 20 plus years, laying on hands on whoever I’ve found in need and teaching others to do the same. It’s our most natural and instinctive thing to do when we see another suffering. To hold them and provide a healing space to connect physically with no ulterior motive other than to fully resonate and connect. As children need love and touch to thrive, so do adults! So, hold up your hands, really look at them. Feel the energy within them. Now start to look at them as an amazing gift, an amazing tool, an extension of all the good you would like to do in the world. Really feel that and intend that. Now close your eyes and in your own words fill up your hands with all that good intention. If you’re a visual person, use a colour or even a symbol or an image, whatever works for you. Make your hands an extension of all the goodness you are about to put into the world. Now I want you to imagine that there is a never-ending source of that goodness flowing up from the earth into your body through those hands, and now down from the sky above into your body to those hands. Before this energy reaches your hands, it goes through your heart and increases its dose of love through your amazing heart centre and ends up… yes in those beautiful healing hands! 
Brilliant! Now all I want you to do is extend that intention, that goodness into another person with an absolute knowing that there is a continuing never-ending source of goodness and love which resonates with every part of you on a cellular level, flowing through you ALWAYS. This is the essence of the palm healing aspect of Reiki. A complete system which includes other elements such as mindfulness, meditations, breathing techniques and regular connection with others to magnify and intensify this beautiful experience through the HADO (vibration) of love, our most basic and primal need. Through this gentle yet powerful healing modality comes physical healing and well-being. This is what I would love to explore with you on your Reiki journey in helping yourself and others come into a sense of health and wholeness in your life. 


The aim of Shoden and Okuden (1st & 2nd degree Reiki) is to develop your own well-being and healing practice.

You will Learn:

  • The Usui Reiki System – Origins, History, Philosophy, Lineage
  • The 5 Go-kai (Daily Precepts) and their integration into daily life
  • How to sense energy
  • Healing symbols and how to use them in practice
  • How to carry out healing sessions and practice self-healing
  • You will receive your Reiki attunement

By the end of the Shoden weekend you will understand the relevance of the Go-kai in maintaining mental and emotional balance. You will know how to sense energy and give Reiki healing for self , family and friends . If you choose to continue to Okuden, you will learn the Reiki symbols , how to carry out distant healing and treat mental and emotional issues with Reiki. After completing Okuden, you will cover professional practice. This will give you the confidence required to obtain insurance and become a Reiki practitioner.

Student Testimonials

My Reiki journey

My Reiki journey began approximately 2 years ago at a time when was really struggling. I couldn’t see a way forward and never expected I would find it in Reiki. The Reiki way has opened my heart and my mind to a life and that I did not ever believe was possible.

I studied Reiki 1 with Leanne and it felt so natural like a void in my life was suddenly filled, no more searching for things in all the wrong places.  

I began to explore a deeper sense of self, my emotions, and life as a whole… Was I living whole well? Was I at peace? Could I bring peace to others? 

Practicing (breathing, mindfulness, meditation, compassionate mind) is a daily challenge but the rewards and benefits are life changing and have now become a way of life. I use the just for today precepts/affirmations daily and as and when I need them.

Meditations that Leanne has taught me have helped me bring my mind, body, breath together in unity, it has helped me heal painful emotions and has helped me move forward and believe in myself. I still find my mind wanders, especially when I feel stressed however, slowly and gradually I am able to practice for longer. This has helped me build confidence in my reiki abilities, feeling the energy/vibration, and experiencing the healing benefits of Reiki.

Other benefits I have experienced include;• Reduction in stress and anxiety• Reduction in IBS symptoms• A more positive approach to life and what it brings me• I feel more connected and grounded• I have more self-belief• I feel stronger• I feel more love towards others and myself• I have an inner sense of peace and calm• Reiki comforts me during tough times• Release and validation of my emotions (self-talk and self-healing from within)

My intention is to share this love and healing and build a world of peace, light, love and hope.

Most importantly when I practice I feel; loved, I feel worthy and I feel I belong. ( anonymous, mental health worker )

I did Reiki 1 and 2 with Leanne and both were very powerful experiences. Her therapy room with beautiful views overlooking London is transformed into a calm, spiritual space by her, which sets the healing intention immediately. She is very experienced and a powerful healer and I felt I was in very good hands and I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher on my journey as a healer. She is a very special person which everyone senses as soon as they meet her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of doing Reiki ( Carol, Hypnotherapist).

Having only known Leanne for a short period prior to receiving Reiki training, I felt at ease immediately, her personable nature and in-depth knowledge lead to a fantastic weekend where by I have learnt skills which are life affirming and changing. I now have an understanding of energy work to navigate through life effortlessly and happy.
It has made me consciously aware, opened my eyes and heart for what life is truly about, I now know the uniqueness and amazing potential in all of us when we close our monkey minds and open our hearts. (Jess, working mum )

I had the pleasure of completing both Reiki I and Reiki II with Leanne, over the course of a year. I was excited to have the opportunity to learn from her, as I already knew she had a high level of ability and professionalism as a practitioner, and I also felt reassured by her background in conventional medicine and practise as well as holistic therapies. I couldn’t have found a better teacher, and I wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anybody else. I found that Leanne’s breadth of experience came across in her teaching, providing us with a wealth of information on the history, structure, benefits and application of Reiki as well as teaching us to tune in intuitively and giving us plenty of opportunity for hands-on practise alongside classroom-style learning. Her approach is grounded and practical as well as spiritual and very powerful. I gained a huge amount of insight over the 2 days of each course, and it opened up channeling abilities, additional healing and new opportunities for me as well, which was an unexpected bonus. She provided incredible support throughout the course and afterwards, and has a very thorough, nurturing and personal style of teaching. I would 100% recommend her as a Reiki teacher for all levels. (Nicola Marketing Manager )